• Base 6in1 Silk Protein 7,2 ml

UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml - Base 6in1 Silk Protein Many needs - one solution! 

A breakthrough in the world of Gel Polish - Protein Base 6in1.

Reach for a product that will comprehensively take care of your nails.

The revolutionary formula of our 6in1 Protein Base makes you not only build and level the nail plate,

but also extend it by more than 1 cm long. And that's not all of the benefits!

Discover the properties of the 6in1 Protein Database:

I Base - used as a base coat with Gel Polish Manicure and UV Gels.

II Silk Proteins - adding them is the answer to your needs! Using a multitasking base

will improve the condition of the nail palte when wearing Gel Polish manicure.

III Extension - with the help of thia base, you will extend your nails by more than 1 cm.

IV Superstructure - an innovative base allows you to build your nails even out the nail plate and allows you perfrome a fill.

V Top - after the application of the base itself, you do not need any additional finish - the product

will provide you with a unique shine.

VI Thermo-stability - a dense base has a unique feature - heat resistant, thanks to which it maintains

its consistency at high temperature. 

6in1 Protein Base is a professional nail protection for each of us - a stylist, passionate or a novice Gel Polish user.

The application will be made easy dedicated brush -short and appropriately contoured.

Create a natural stylization or apply a colorful hybrid varnish. 6 applications in 1 bottle - choose a 

base that will set strong foundations for your manicure!

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Base 6in1 Silk Protein 7,2 ml

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